Уткарш Бхардвадж

I was born in Delhi, India and have lived there for over 21 years, 17 of which were spent learning English at various levels such as school and university. I studied mechanical and automation engineering at Amity University in Delhi and further went to study English honours at the University of Delhi. As my entire education was in English, it has never been difficult for me to work as an English teacher. For instance, last year itself I have taught for over 500 academic hours. I have taught English both online and offline, to students belonging to 15 different countries including Belarus, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea and Spain. I like to discuss politics, religion, and culture with people and am also a sports enthusiast. My favourite sport is football and before moving to Belarus I was involved in competitive football as well. Apart from that I also enjoy reading English literature and watching movies. In the future I want to devote more time to teaching and help more and more people become confident English speakers. My motto in life is: Knowledge is power.
  Преподаватель - носитель языка